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Up to the minute

Often i am asked, where do I find vintage clothes from? Well, the answer is, I don’t own anything authentic vintage everything i shop is from basic brands around. All it depends is with what feel the look is framed. With every thought I remind myself the era I want to depict through what I am wearing. , I always think how I wear a simple cotton dress to turn a mundane day to a whole brighter outlook with a vintage touch.

_MG_0570 copy (1)

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_MG_0601 copy

This is how I styled this cotton piece from Gulaal Creations, made of simplicity and poise. Maintaining the modesty into the garb added a pinch of brighter hue with my own designed leather shoes yet giving the 90’s essence by adding a choker and tied hair.

Picture credits – Kushagr Swami


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Summer Story

Summer is on the peek these days and the heat has become onerous to undergo. So make sure you are all ready for it, especially your wardrobe. Since all it calls for is flowing cottons which not only makes you look cool and breathable but comfortable as well and also helps you beat the scorching heat but this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. I think it is the perfect time to let the style junkie in you flash her eccentric taste. Whether you go for ethnic or Indo-western, the look you wear should complement your style and suit your body type. Cotton and kurtis go hand in hand, it plays an indispensable role to get you comfortably through summer, especially if you’re in India. Cotton Kurtis are not just easy to carry, but it is highly durable and soaks in precipitation easily and will keep you flexible throughout the day. Moreover it brings out the femininity in you without compromising on the sturdy message your personality speaks. So here are three ethnic looks with a vintage touch which you can easily go with during this blazing summer.




















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AIFW, a perfect rendezvous of fashion, art and creativity from ramp models to the spectators. Well it’s a perfect venue to embrace your inner fashion sense with a confidence without the fear of being judged. Sharing three looks from the Amazon India fashion week autumn winter 17, since I missed a day so it’s only three.


Wore this DIY net dress once again but styled differently this time. Since I can never get over this piece which adds an instant spice to any-any outfit. Teamed it up with this pink bell sleeved dress from forever21 and a denim skirt from koovs underneath. I opted for solid colors to let the leather polka dots do the magic. And there I was ready with an imposing look with minimum efforts.

You can also make your own creative cover-ups; since net dresses are easily available on many brands (I saw one on zara). Just add on patches of your choice and give your basics a striking look, like I did earlier. Sharing a picture of my previous look too where I wore it over basic denims and tee.







Being a fashion student I always have a longing of making clothes for me which really soothes my soul. Here I made myself a statement skirt. I went for a very quirky print with asymmetrical design which made it even more beguiling. Paired it with a basic striped bodysuit from H&M and again super quirky socks to add some more drama to the look. Then just balanced the prints with solid tan handbag and a print on print attire were ready.






For the finale again I went for a print on print look but this time I paired up both the statement prints in contrasting colors. The skirt is a true old world charm and so is one of my favorites. Teamed it with a candy print shirt I got from a boutique long back. To add something solid over the heavy prints wore a red leather belt which again I made myself for a college assignment and went for a black handbag. The outfit was super comfortable and much captivating or I would say print on print works anytime when you want the heads turn.







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Primary hues








Well okay! Yes I have taken an oath to ditch monochromes for life since colors always satisfy my heart and soul. And these always affect your mood, your day and what not. To all those whose life has been a never ending concoction of blacks and grays plus a guilty pile of unworn bright hues, mixing colors is as easy as keeping things colorless. You can anytime go for even basic combinations and you would never fail grabbing attention, but play safe in the beginning avoid wearing too many bright hues simultaneously since you may end up being a clown!

Like here I have played the game with primary colors (red, yellow and blue) though people generally avoid wearing such combinations since these could be alarming to the eyes. That’s why I went for printed shirt and pants adding extra peculiarity and retro effect and yet not agitating. So would suggest you all to break the boredom of your daily wear and get married to colors ❤

Shirt – Only, Pants – forever21, leather jacket – export house (bought during an industry visit) shoes – new look, sunglasses – forever21

Thanks for reading :*

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Shades of love

shades of love ❤


If you have ever got confused while color blocking, this one is for you! it is completely acceptable to push the boundaries of how you wear colors in today’s time of fashion where it’s all about wearing different hues. Color blocking takes a turn this season with more subdued hues, instead of thinking crazier and overdoing the weird combos reserve a little with the tints and shades of same color or maybe pick colors from the same family. Like how I have worn tints and shades of red, so I am having 3 different colors from the red family (pink, maroon & vermilion) and a pinch of blue on the top with neutral tan colored boots. Keeping the makeup light and accessories at a bay I have created the look with 5 different colors and yet maintain the modesty and elegance.

Last but not least, a very important rule of wearing the color trend is to be self-confident and never feel afraid to show off your style imagination and mood. Always experiment and you’ll discover a new self of you with every new color














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A retro casual conflict













Well I am pretty sure that every winter wardrobe always has a number of sweatshirts which are usually worn very casually or on days when there is no mood to dress up bonzer. But this very basic winter wear can become one of the most stylish winter pieces when styled right. The old-school fashion calendar is being pinched and tweaked into new forms in every season which always sparks out inventive street styles. This comfy clothing is far more versatile than it once appeared to be and it’s time to get creative with this snug and warm piece to make it suitable for office and date night.

I have styled this super casual sweatshirt from forever21 in a pure retro style taking it back to 80’s with this long winter skirt instead of throwing on pajama trousers. These suspenders and the velvet blazer from mommy’s wardrobe have added to the vintage charm. Wore my own designed shoes and finished the look with vintage ray bans. so it’s time to play with your sweatshirts and wear these at work or on a date night.


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Bringing it back










A few days back while juggling up with my clothes, found this old levi’s denim jacket (probably disowned by my daddy long back) though I did not like it in the first glance but after trying on definitely realized that it was the perfect fit and size I was looking for in a denim jacket since long. Men’s clothing has always lured me and it comes out even more modish when paired up with something feminine and here it’s a feather in a cap when it’s denim over plaid since both are my super favorite fashion trends from the past. Forming the classic 90’s look with this thrifted plaid dress and a wide croc belt and yeah these customized rose gold lovelies adorning my feet.





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Plaids for the coldness

Plaids have always added grace to an outfit whether it be 90’s or today’s time, the history of this wardrobe staple has been always relished. No matter you are channeling silhouettes of past decades or rocking it with modern classics there are number of ways to style your plaid shirt this winters. Here I have styled this oversized plaid shirt with polka dots and my favorite 70’s style boots adding a perfect retro effect to the look. I got this shirt from sarojini nagar at a really cheap price which I have worn for around 10 times in the past month since its super comfy and can be styled in number of ways. Hope you loved the look.

Shirt dress – Flea market, Boots – Truffle Collection, Bag – self designed, Sunglasses and Socks – Forever21dsc_0011








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flaunt your flares, flaunt your hearts








Hellooo people! Writing after ages today; since I was caught up with work for a long time. Shot this look a few days back when I stepped out wearing one of my favorite denim skirts. Flared skirts have always been a love since childhood and still I wear them with same fondness. You can always make up a statement embracing this flared style from the past. I got this one from forever21 long back and teamed up with red making a cute denim and red combination with a burst of baby pink at the neck. Added a complete vintage effect with these pink metallic heels and a broad belt. This side braided bun is my all time favorite; I can live in this forever.

Shirt – ONLY; skirt – Forever21; belt – New look; Heels –; bag – 3 mad chicks

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Saree with a twist!

Wish you all a very happy and PAWsitive diwali. I am sure every girl wonders about wearing something very special on diwali eve and many a times the “being special” wish leaves us in conundrum. So here I have styled a print silk saree with a little twist and mixed and matched the prints as to go with the liveliness of the festival. Got this saree from my mom’s wardrobe and I am sure every mom has a good stock of old sarees which can be restyled. Paired this up with a different colored crop top from forever21 with minimal accessories and what interesting thing I did to this saree is, I got it cut a bit and wore it mid calf length with boots which added spice to the attire and made it totally stand out. Hope you loved the look as much as I did.

Thank you