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A retro casual conflict













Well I am pretty sure that every winter wardrobe always has a number of sweatshirts which are usually worn very casually or on days when there is no mood to dress up bonzer. But this very basic winter wear can become one of the most stylish winter pieces when styled right. The old-school fashion calendar is being pinched and tweaked into new forms in every season which always sparks out inventive street styles. This comfy clothing is far more versatile than it once appeared to be and it’s time to get creative with this snug and warm piece to make it suitable for office and date night.

I have styled this super casual sweatshirt from forever21 in a pure retro style taking it back to 80’s with this long winter skirt instead of throwing on pajama trousers. These suspenders and the velvet blazer from mommy’s wardrobe have added to the vintage charm. Wore my own designed shoes and finished the look with vintage ray bans. so it’s time to play with your sweatshirts and wear these at work or on a date night.




Hello, I am Meghna Gogna, a design student based in New Delhi, India. I am 19 years old and I have been loving vintage since long which has affected my personal style immensely. This blog is a place for me to share my perception of style which is going to be inspired by early eras with modern twists. I do not possess anything authentic vintage but here I am going to experiment with modern clothing styling it in the vintage way. So if you share the same ardour for vintage street style as I do then check out my blog. Thank you.

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