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Primary hues








Well okay! Yes I have taken an oath to ditch monochromes for life since colors always satisfy my heart and soul. And these always affect your mood, your day and what not. To all those whose life has been a never ending concoction of blacks and grays plus a guilty pile of unworn bright hues, mixing colors is as easy as keeping things colorless. You can anytime go for even basic combinations and you would never fail grabbing attention, but play safe in the beginning avoid wearing too many bright hues simultaneously since you may end up being a clown!

Like here I have played the game with primary colors (red, yellow and blue) though people generally avoid wearing such combinations since these could be alarming to the eyes. That’s why I went for printed shirt and pants adding extra peculiarity and retro effect and yet not agitating. So would suggest you all to break the boredom of your daily wear and get married to colors ❤

Shirt – Only, Pants – forever21, leather jacket – export house (bought during an industry visit) shoes – new look, sunglasses – forever21

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Hello, I am Meghna Gogna, a design student based in New Delhi, India. I am 19 years old and I have been loving vintage since long which has affected my personal style immensely. This blog is a place for me to share my perception of style which is going to be inspired by early eras with modern twists. I do not possess anything authentic vintage but here I am going to experiment with modern clothing styling it in the vintage way. So if you share the same ardour for vintage street style as I do then check out my blog. Thank you.

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